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Dirt Weekend at Nuvali Trails

img_2725-1Last Sunday, we had a short get together with friends and decided to go for a trail ride at Nuvali Sta. Rosa in Laguna. Lots of people dwell here because of its biker friendly environment and scenic view. Groups often make this place as their meeting place to go up in Tagaytay and have a good Bulalo while overlooking at the Taal volcano.

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FOX Dirtpaw to Save our paws!

FOX Dirtpaw!

Hooray! found a sturdy, bad ass whipping gloves! As what they always say, safety first = clean hands = happy ride.

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ncs_modified20151223083557maxw640maxh427ar-151229586As you may have wondered, the name of my blog is a combination of the words Strava and Traveler.

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I can clearly remember, it was the 31st of December 2016 when I decided to give myself some Christmas present. I thought of a healthier lifestyle for the coming year and biking is a sport that is quite getting some attention here in the Philippines.

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